I have tried everything and it is not possible to connect it without Toshiba stick. Read the liability statement and click Accept. In the upper right corner, confirm language is set to English or to the language of your Windows operating system. Click Yes to restart the computer. To immediately access the release code without checking email, Click the Back button lower right corner and the release code will appear alongside the ID no. Enter the ID No.

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Features of KTS The high performance bluetooth Built-in enables mobility in the workshop, as well as securing a stable connection to the KTS module.

Click OK to continue. So what’s actually happening? The resistive touchscreen display makes the DCU flexible, easy to use and responds promptly to any input. Please take the time to read this guide to assist you in the initial setup and usage of this tool.


All installation instructions and descriptions are in this document http: A sound card must be installed for the program to operate correctly. Select the “Firmware Update” tab.


Only those modules subscribed to will function. Select by highlighting clicking on User Defined as the Installation type. These cookies are used to customize information and advertising to your interests based on the content you have visited before.

Bosch KTS 570 Wireless Bluetooth Diagnostic Scan Tool

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Launch The Getting Started Application! Depending on the speed of your computer and the amount of data being transferred, loading times will vary.

To add a module, use your mouse to drag the module name from the left column to the right column. When the ESI[tronic] software installation is complete an Installation was successful window will appear. Necessary cookies These cookies are necessary for the website.

Control unit diagnosis: KTS (DCU + KTS )

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Change settings Yes, I agree. Another reason to buy one piece of this great laptop to the garage: To access this number, do the following: Enter the ID No. The KTS Bluetooth activation process will now be completed. At the top of the page select English from the Language menu. Please activate cookies and refresh your browser. bludtooth

How to connect it and get it working? To bksch the Firmware Update at a later time, click the red circle with the line through it to bypass the Firmware Update and continue the software download: KTS part number: Follow the onscreen instructions to generate a release code. Select Local installation standalone radio button.

Double click My Computer on the desktop.